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    Our Single Origin series is a stunning showcase of exclusive and elusive mānuka honey, harvested from only our most treasured and cherished places.​

    ​Carefully selected for their unique localities, untouched landscapes and unmatched climates, these corners of the country become the canvases for mānuka honey like no other. Replete with intricate flavours and exquisite textures. Divine complexity and singular quality.​

    ​Above all else, these exceptional locales are chosen for their phenomenal abundance of mānuka trees. The enigmatic secret to pure and potent mānuka honey, as miraculous as it is delicious.​

    ​Introducing the first of this exclusive series, Rimunui.​

    Rimunui Day UV WS 1582Manuka Rimnunui night final (1)Honey Single-Origin 0254Rimunui Day UV WS 1582Manuka Rimnunui night final (1)Honey Single-Origin 0254

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    Hidden deep within the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island lies Rimunui.​

    ​A stunning and remote corner of the world, where the valley lies filled with native forest. Teeming with flowing streams, surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Here, in pristine isolation – for just 4-6 weeks each year – mānuka trees bloom in abundance. And it’s here, in this brief and ephemeral moment in time, that the honeybees and mānuka trees meet. From their timeless dance, Rimunui Single Origin Mānuka Honey is born.​

    ​Experience the magical world of Rimunui through our 2022 harvest. It’s a golden promise of delicate aromas and bold flavours. A reflection and celebration of the unmatched and untouched landscape from which it came.​

    “It’s quite phenomenal that different people from all around the world might be experiencing what we’re tasting straight out of the hives” - Scott Thompson, Rimunui landowner

    For over 50 years, Mānuka Health has worked alongside the owners of Rimunui Station to help protect and preserve its rugged beauty for future generations. Scott & Julayne Thompson are the custodians of this sweeping hill country station, enveloped by breathtaking views of Mount Taranaki and Mount Ruapehu.​

    ​Planting of mānuka began in 2020, and a remarkable 330 hectares are now home to this treasured native tree. Long ago, in 1890, almost all of Rimunui’s vast land area was farmed. Today, more than 2800 hectares have been restored and regenerated back to the native bush it once was.​

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