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Mānuka Health offers an extensive range of the highest quality New Zealand-sourced natural health and wellness products including MGO Mānuka Honey, Skincare & Woundcare, BIO New Zealand Propolis and Royal Jelly. Mānuka Health is a global business with a distribution network in over 45 countries, and we actively seek partners in new markets.

Distributor Criteria

Our ideal distribution partner will have some or all of these capabilities:

1. An established sales and distribution business into health channels in one or more countries

2. Motivation to promote the Manuka Health brand and its New Zealand origin product range

3. Resources to grow and develop the market for Manuka Health products

If you would like to get in touch with us about distribution please complete a contact form and a salesperson will be in touch.

Quality, Purity & Potency Guaranteed
We're experts at making honey. The rich flavour, smooth texture and exceptional properties of our honey is thanks to the collective efforts and close care of our bees, beekeepers, and honey experts throughout the entire process.
UMF & MGO Certification gives the ultimate assurance of quality and potency. Not all Manuka honey is high in MGO (the ingredient that makes Manuka honey so special). The MGO & UMF numbers tell you how much MGO is in the honey and help you choose the right grade for your needs.
Our hives are placed in wild pristine areas with very little risk of contaminants in the environment. But to be absolutely certain we routinely test for pesticides and herbicides including glyphosate residues, and every batch is triple tested to make sure our honey is always of the highest quality and purity. See our full list of quality accreditations
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We welcome your enquiry to become a stockist of Mānuka Health products. For more information please either view our list of distributors below and contact the relevant person/company directly, or Contact us via a contact form and we will advise you of the distributor or wholesaler in your region.

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