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    Mānuka Honey Single Origin Rimunui


    Deep in the pristine Waitotara Valley lies Rimunui. Once each year, we comb this precious cultivar. Seeking only the honey pure and potent enough for this; the first of our Single Origin line.

    Manuka Health Rimunui Bush UV 1583-0305


    Hidden deep within the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island lies Rimunui. A stunning and remote corner of the world, where the valley lies filled with native forest. Teeming with flowing streams, surrounded by endless snowcapped mountains. Here, in pristine isolation – for just 4-6 weeks each year – mānuka trees bloom in abundance. And it’s here, in this brief and ephemeral moment in time, that the honeybees and mānuka trees meet. From their timeless dance, Rimunui Single Origin Mānuka Honey is born. Experience the magical world of Rimunui through our 2022 harvest. It’s a golden promise of delicate aromas and bold flavours. A reflection and celebration of the unmatched and untouched landscape from which it came.

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    • How to use

      Savor one teaspoon of this bold and full-bodied honey once a day, straight from the jar to your lips. Delectably pure, impossibly delicious.

    • Texture

      Rimunui envelops the palate with fresh fruit and rich caramel, leaving behind a bittersweet citrus farewell.


    • Ingredients

      Monofloral MGO 862+ mānuka honey.

    • Allergy Information

      Warning not suitable for infants under 12 months of age



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    What makes mānuka honey so miraculous?

    Mānuka honey is produced by bees from the nectar of the native New Zealand mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). Until recently, the secret behind mānuka honey’s miraculous powers was a mystery. But widely renowned for its remarkable nature, mānuka honey became the first honey to undergo an unprecedented level of research and scrutiny. As a result, scientific research has since discovered that the naturally occurring compound, methylglyoxal (MGO), is the key component responsible for this anything-but-ordinary honey’s extraordinary qualities

    Find out more about mānuka honey.

    How do I choose the right mānuka honey / MGO for me?

    To help us measure the magic of mānuka, Mānuka Health pioneered the MGO testing method. This provides a scientifically proven measure of each jar of mānuka honey's power and potency, so you can confidently choose the right mānuka honey for your needs. 

    The MGO system is effective, yet simple; the higher the MGO, the more potent the honey.

    As a general guide, we recommend:

    • To support daily wellbeing – choose Daily MGO 400+

    • For extra goodness to elevate inner and outer radiance – choose Extra MGO 600+

    • For targeted and acute care needs – choose Ultra MGO 800+

    How do I use mānuka honey?

    Our mānuka honey is as delicious as it is miraculous, and it can be enjoyed any way you choose.

    • Savour it straight from the spoon

    • Dilute it in water for a refreshing energy boost

    • Add it to smoothies, or drizzle it over yogurt or cereal for extra goodness

    • Use it as a soothing natural sweetener in tea or coffee

    • Apply it as a natural skin mask for hydration and a luminous glow

    How do i know my Mānuka honey is genuine?

    It’s true that not all nature’s gifts were made equal. To ensure the authenticity of your mānuka honey, check the brand behind the jar. Seek products that have been packed and sourced in New Zealand; a strong sign of the genuine article. Indicators such as the MGO or UMF rating can also contribute to the mānuka honey’s credibility. Find out more about our authentic mānuka honey.

    Does mānuka honey have the power to heal?

    For thousands of years, honey has been used to treat a range of ailments. As for the mānuka plant – its healing properties have been coveted and harnessed by the New Zealand Maori people for generations upon generations. With these two natural powerhouses brought together as one in mānuka honey, it’s little surprise that this golden gift has gained a global reputation for its miraculous healing properties. To this day, mānuka honey remains the most-researched therapeutic honey in the world. Its capacity for skin and wound healing is widely reported. However, while many firmly believe that mānuka honey is equipped with powerful health benefits, New Zealand Food laws mean we are not allowed to promote this. Regardless, as the research into this complex substance continues, we remain committed to evolving and deepening our understanding of this elusive honey – and the unique health benefits attached to its consumption.